quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

solidariedade com Keith Mason da «Personhood USA»

Foi recentemente vandalizada a casa do nosso amigo Keith Mason, da Personhood USA, que recentemente participou na cimeira pro-vida realizada em Lisboa. Ao Keith e a todos os combatentes pro-Vida nos Estados Unidos, a solidariedade do movimento pro-vida português e os votos de que este seja um sinal claro, embora doloroso, do desespero dos adversários da Causa da Vida.


Personhood founder’s home attacked at night, children terrorized

DENVER, CO, July 2, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - From the gunning down of a pro-life picketer in Michigan in 2009, to the filmed attack on pro-lifers in New Mexico in 2011, to another filmed attack in Washington last week, violent assault against pro-life Americans are on the rise. 
Another pro-lifer was attacked last Tuesday, but this time at his home, with his wife and children terrorized in the middle of the night.
Personhood USA Founder and President Keith Mason and his wife Jennifer have three young children from eight years old on down, and a fourth child due next month.  That didn’t stop pro-abortion vandals from throwing a heavy rock through his front door window at 1:30 am, or from spraypainting his house with vulgarities and images of coat hangers.